I don’t want to invalidate your feelings, but your sadness is overwhelming me.

It’s just that you must always have something to be unhappy about. If one problem is solved then you move onto the next problem, and then onto the next, and then onto the next, and then onto the next.

You leave yourself no room in your life for happiness because it is so filled with your miseries.

You are so bothered with unhappiness, you think that if you get rid of it then your default position is happiness. But just because you are not unhappy, does not mean that you are happy. What you really, really want is peace. Peace doesn’t depend on happiness or unhappiness.

It doesn’t matter what you have with peace. It doesn’t matter how you feel. Peace is separate to all those things. It rises above.

Happiness is a commodity. It is bought and sold, given and taken. It’s time to stop moving from one unhappiness to the next. It’s time to stop seeking happiness and just let it come and go as it does.

Seek peace.

There is a song on the subject coming soon. Credit to Elizabeth Johnson for the pic.

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