Gone Naked

Want to know more about Rogers and Clarke? OP delivers.

Why that band name?

We were thinking Sons of a Cabinet Maker, or Basin Sink, but Rogers and Clarke reminded us so much of ourselves. Failure is the only option.

Where are you from?

Rogers is from New Zealand, and Clarke is 3rd generation Australian. For taxation purposes we profess to be from Morocco.

You obviously don't make money from this.

That's not a question!! That's a fact. In the daytime, Rogers works magic with code things, and Clarke is funeral director.

The music sounds odd. Why so?

Because you are stepping back a quarter of century. Most of the songs were written during the 80's and early 90's. A good number of the recordings you hear were recorded 10 years ago. We were busy, so we never released them. But now, with the inter-webs being what they are, we impart our gifts to humanity.

Are these all your songs?

Yes and no.
Yes. We wrote and performed all the songs.
No. These are not the only songs we have.
There are many many more. Like I am Erica, a critique of the USA. Like Unhappiness, a counterpoint to Sing. Stay posted, or contact us for previews.

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