Austin Powers, Wolverine, and Rogers

Hugh Jackman you say….

So, the company Rogers works for had a Christmas party. To liven things up they invited an Austin Powers Impersonator to mingle.

Rogers asked the Impersonator if he did anything else in life, and the impersonator said he was a student at WAAPA (West Australian Academy of Performing Arts).

"Oh hey, I went there", said Rogers.

So Rogers and the Impersonator banged on about old alumni. Eventually Rogers name-dropped how he had stood behind HUGH JACKMAN at the refectory. "He's a big fella", Rogers said.

After the chat finished, the Impersonator said to Rogers, “Well, lovely to meet you. I may not know Hugh Jackman, but I do know someone who stood behind him in a line”.

Very witty Austin. Very.

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