What a Drag

The formula for this song was fairly straight forward. Copy the Smiths. And copy we did. And failed we failed.

Instead of sounding like Morrissey and Marr, we got such an odd mixture that the song defies categorisation, other than Ugly Music.

It originally was a driving Pogues-esque folksy item. The last verse plays with a double verse, where two verses are sung in the same phrase, a la R.E.M.s Harborcoat. The song's first line is a misquote of R.E.M.s Shaking Through.


Could it be that one small voice
Doesn't count in the world?
And all the wars won by our fathers
Don't help me keep a girl?

    What a drag

Could it be that one small dot
Can turn a big man blind?
And all the wisdom of my fathers
Can't tell why it's not mine?

    What a drag

Could it be that the womb is cold
And I don't count among men?
And all the inventions of my fathers
Can't change what never happened?

Could it be that even if....
I still wouldn't be satisfied?
And my sole complaint can be summed
Not all can carry the weight of life.

    What a drag

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