Neon Sigh

The truly powerless have only the sigh. It is their weapon, and it resonates into the void.

Sigh was written after I was simultaneously friend-zoned by three different girls.
  • One because she wanted to go to nightclubs
  • One because a deaf guy had tried to kiss her (and he couldn't hear her say 'Stop!')
  • One because I was ever awkward

When I penned the number I was listening to a lot of Smiths (thus the don to being killed by a large commercial vehicle and the whole impotent vibe).

It's an ugly song that I herein tried to tart up. It is an example of my love of a double chorus (a song which has 2 different choruses). Proof and Kid are other examples.

Funny: Clarke always talked about the unorthodox structure of my song writing, but it was less about being different and more about turning things up to 11 by value adding and then plumbing in a second chorus.


Niceness is a dead language
Must I do what I don’t want to?
I wouldn’t like hurting you

It seems respect is bought with pain
Must I ignore you to gain your attention
And pretend we don’t want the same thing?

Must I?
Must I?

If you were squashed by a truck
If you found yourself almost dead
Wouldn’t you regret everything you said?
You wouldn’t want me as a friend
You’d want me to be your lover
My father is a lorry driver

Friend is a synonym for cute
It’s take, take, take from the the needy
It’s about time I started getting greedy

This puppy dog was pushed too far
There’s no change of heart among the heartless
So I’m going to hit where it hurts

Must I?
Must I...

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