It's Your Body, But It's My Brain

The matter of abortion is a fine example of how belief constitutes reality. What one believes is what one sees. And underlying it all is choice. That's the most precious thing we have as humans.

In the red corner, the advocates of abortion calling themselves Pro-Choice while denying the blue corner a choice in their beliefs.

In the blue corner, Right to Lifers who don't understand that no one is entitled to live the life of another.

Morality is a fine thing when it exists in the domain of other people's lives.

Both sides arguing over nothingness, casting shadows of judgement on each other because they will never ever be each other. Being right or wrong doesn't exist. It's just a state of mind. If you think you are right, more than likely you will use that to bash others over the head. Being right is a stick people use to point at other people in order to make them do things.

Abortion is the monster that brings out the worst in people. Even in people entirely unrelated to the experience. And musicians put their artistic two cents in as well.

There is quite an esoteric collection of songs from both camps in the debate on abortion. Wikipedia has a list of them here. My favs are Brick - Ben Folds Five and Choir Girl - Cold Chisel. There are plenty of others from artists in the list, many with high breeding including Leonard Cohen, Fleetwood Mac, Arab Strap, and Madonna.

Naturally, the finest of the songs is by Yours Truly. Click play below to enjoy Rogers and Clarkes' ugly-folk song on abortion.

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